Visitor claims bar served adulterated drinks

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Two women were served micheladas spiked with an “unmentionable drug” at a beach club in Puerto Escondido last week, according to a Facebook post.

The author of the post traveled to Puerto from México City for the New Year’s holiday with a girlfriend. She discovered that “drugs are sold left and right . . . as if they were chewing gum or bracelets while you’re on your lounger on the beach.”

On Jan. 2, the last day of their of their trip, the two friends checked out of their hotel in the morning, and since their flight back home didn’t leave until 10:30 p.m., they decided to lug their suitcases to the beach and spend the day there.

“At 6 in the afternoon, lying on a lounge chair in a beach club full of people next door and after having been drinking only sparkling water, we ordered a (yes, just one!) michelada,” the post narrates, stating that after a few sips they were unable to continue drinking. They began to feel “horrible.” 

“I have never been high on coke or anything chemical, but this was horrible.”

Aware that something was awry, they contacted “friends of friends” in the area, sharing what they were experiencing, along with their location.

By this point, the two women reported they felt like were unable to stand up. 

“Our bodies started to go numb, our legs didn’t respond (it was the first thing that happened), we had to move to some seats in the back and we looked like zombies . . . trying to take a single step took us minutes. Our consciousness was intact, but the body did not respond. Our tongues began to stick to the palate . . . and our breathing became difficult. We could no longer speak or move, breathing was hard. Trying to maintain mental control was the most difficult task seeing the dangerous situation we were in,” wrote the tourist in a post that is no longer publicly available, but has been copied, pasted and shared many times since.

It took about an hour and a half for their acquaintances to reach them. “We were alone on the beach and in the dark and felt threatened when a man approached with a stick in his hand.

“I don’t remember anything else, only that [their friends] arrived just in time. Policemen carried us out . . . and immediately took us to the hospital.”

Blood tests showed traces of marijuana and cocaine, “adulterated with you-know-what, that unmentionable drug that is killing people and leaving them like zombies,” without naming it.

The author’s friend “almost went into cardiac arrest . . . it was my greatest fear that she would die there. They could have killed us!”

The friends filed formal complaints before local authorities.

The author concluded her post by stating that she could name the place where the incident happened because she was “already exposing herself too much” and preferred to stay out of trouble.

Reports of tourists being served adulterated drinks in the Riviera Maya surfaced in 2017, triggering an investigation by a U.S. newspaper. It identified more than 120 such cases, according to a report by Mexico News Daily.

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