Taking a cab? You’ll pay between 40 and 200 pesos, depending on several factors

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Whether you’ve lived in Puerto Escondido your whole life or are just here on vacation, knowing the going rates for transportation is important when it comes to getting around town. Even if your main mode of transit is car, motorcycle, or by foot, there are times when you just need to book a taxi, such as a big night out or an early morning flight.

So what are the going fares when it comes to taxis in Puerto Escondido?

The answer isn’t exactly clear. Recently there was a list of rates circulating on a local Facebook group that got quite a bit of attention. While it didn’t seem to be an official list, it’s clear that the rates have increased significantly over the last few years. This increase makes sense with the higher gas prices and growing demand as Puerto continues to grow.

Puerto Escondido is one of the towns in Mexico that doesn’t have Uber. Previously, there was an app called Didi that functioned for a variety of different purposes — one of which being personal taxis. However, Didi hasn’t been in use in town since about November of last year.

Logically, taxi rates vary greatly depending on your trip. The price could be as low as 40 pesos and as high as 200. It’s rare that going anywhere within Puerto Escondido would fall somewhere outside of that range.  However, most people will notice a slight fluctuation in the rates to get to the same place. Seemingly, you’re at the whim of the taxi driver’s going rates at that moment.

Bacocho resident Maria Tattaris notes, “The rates change depending on when you get a taxi. For example, from Bacocho to Zicatela it could cost anywhere from 80-100 pesos. And, if you get a taxi late at night it could go up by about 20-50 pesos per trip.”

Another factor that will affect the cost of your taxi ride: the high season. During the more visited times of the year, such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Semana Santa, the rates are at their highest. Maria says, “Normally, from Bacocho to La Punta it costs me about 100 pesos. During Semana Santa this year, it was 150 pesos.”

Maria even notes being charged 200 pesos during Christmas on a trip from Zicatela to Bacocho — the highest she’s ever been charged.

About six years ago you could hail a taxi in the center of town to Zicatela on a Friday night and they’d charge you about 50 pesos. Now, it’s closer to 100.

And with so many visitors year-round, the tariffs also vary greatly depending on where you get the taxi. Maria says, “If you try to get one outside of a bar, or in the busiest part of La Punta, the price is way higher. I try to grab them just a few streets from those points and it’s usually cheaper.”

However, hailing a taxi isn’t as simple as it once was. They’re often full or on their way to pick up a client. And, depending on the hour of the day it could get even trickier. For example, 2-4 pm is one the hardest times to get a taxi as it’s in between shifts.

So what’s the easiest way to get one?

Depends on who you talk to as it seems most people have had different experiences. There are various taxi companies in Puerto Escondido. The biggest and most trusted seems to be Sitio de Taxi Puerto Escondido A.C. with an office based in the center. You can call them directly but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to reach them when you call.

“Depends on when you call, but the line is often busy,” states Maria.

So what to do if you can’t get through and there are no taxis on the street?

Many residents who frequently use taxis have taken matters into their own hands. It’s not uncommon to get the number of a taxi with whom you’ve had a good experience: professional service and a reasonable tariff. As long as they’re working, this seems to be the most reliable way to be sure you have a taxi when you need one.

Maria says, “Yeah, I’ll sometimes ask the driver for his contact or he’ll offer it. There are also plenty of numbers of trusted taxi drivers that circulate in local WhatsApp or Facebook groups.”

If you talk to the taxi drivers during your drive, they’ll tell you just how busy they are constantly. And if the general trend continues as it has been over the past few years, with a steady flow of travelers and increased residents, then they’ll continue to be.

So it’s likely that other ride-reserving apps will start appearing as the demand continues to grow.

Until then it’s important to understand the going rates. If you’re visiting, ask people in your area for the normal range as it’s constantly changing. And, if you live here, you’ll quickly learn what’s the norm for a taxi. However, official lists of taxi tariffs are hard to come by, so you’ll need to use some street smarts and common sense.

Maria offered these tips for those taking taxis:

  • Call a company for reliable service and fair prices.
  • Don’t get taxis from “busy” points.
  • Settle the price before you get in.

And to get an idea of a range of tariffs depending on your starting point and destination, here were some “normal” local rates for common routes:

  • Airport to Center: ~100 pesos
  • Bacocho to La Punta: ~100 pesos
  • Zicatela to Rinconada: ~80 pesos
  • Airport to La Punta: ~200 pesos

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