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Puerto expected to host 102,000 visitors this month

Puerto expected to host 102,000 visitors this month
Carrizalillo Beach is one of the attractions that will bring visitors to Puerto Escondido.

State authorities are expecting the last month of the summer vacation period to close with 1.7 billion pesos (US $101.6 million) in revenue, spread among the three main tourist destinations in Oaxaca.

The estimate was part of a Tourism Ministry report in which it was predicted that 416,000 visitors will visit Puerto Escondido, Huatulco and Oaxaca city between July 27 and August 27.

Statewide, the average hotel occupancy rate is expected to be just under 58% with the arrival of 388,068 national visitors and 28,223 foreigners, who will have an average stay of 1.94 days and each spend 2,144 pesos on average.

When broken down by destination, Puerto is expected to see average occupancy of 45%, represented by some 102,404 visitors, 94,929 from within Mexico and 7,475 from abroad. It is estimated that each person will spend 1,284 pesos per day during an average stay of 1.89 days, reflecting revenue of 249 million pesos.

In Huatulco, average occupancy of 68% is expected with 112,979 visitors, of which 106,376 will be nationals and 6,603 foreigners, with an average stay of 2.51 days and daily spending of 2,974 pesos, or revenue of 843 million.

Oaxaca city will have an average hotel occupancy of 56% with the arrival of 200,908 visitors, 186,763 national and 14,145 foreign. Each person will spend 1,937 pesos per stay of 1.64 days, or 640 million pesos in total.

The summer season concludes on August 27, as students of all ages start going back to their classrooms on August 28.

With reports by Enfoque Oaxaca


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