Home News President to visit Oaxaca this week

President to visit Oaxaca this week

President to visit Oaxaca this week
President López Obrador will review projects such as the Puerto Escondido-Oaxaca highway.

President López Obrador announced on Tuesday he’ll be returning to Oaxaca and the Coast this week, his 30th tour of the state and the first visit since Governor Salomón Jara and fellow Morena party members took office on Dec. 1. 

The president said during a press conference that he will be in the Coast region Thursday and Friday, where he will supervise a number of infrastructure projects promoted by his administration.

López Obrador remarked that he will check upon the progress of the “artisanal roads” program, whose goal is paving the entrance roads to all the municipal capitals.

He will also evaluate highway projects, including the one that will connect Puerto Escondido and the state capital. Governor Jara himself estimated recently that all work could be completed by mid-2023. 

The president will also be supervising reconstruction efforts in the areas hit by Hurricane Agatha last June. 

 “We are going to supervise the works that are being carried out in Oaxaca to improve the situation of the roads and infrastructure that were affected by the last hurricane,” he said.

López Obrador’s most recent visit to the state was last September. 

With reports by El Universal


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