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Parents ousted from highway blockade

Parents ousted from highway blockade
Monday's blockade of the coastal highway was short-lived.

The protest and blockade by dissatisfied parents on Highway 200 near Huatulco was short-lived after being dissolved at noon on Monday by what was described as “shock troops.”

Parents of students at CETMAR 44 blocked the highway early Monday morning but people armed with sticks and machetes violently forced them to lift the blockade around noon.

The protesters singled out municipal authorities, accusing repression by Santa María Huatulco Mayor José Hernández Cárdenas.

The state government set up talks with the parents soon after the blockade was removed.

Parents were promised five years ago that a school would be built but ownership of the site of the facility is at the center of a dispute.

The protesters demand the regularization of the property’s ownership and the allocation of resources for the construction of classrooms. Once again, the state government promised to provide a solution to their requests.

With reports by El Piñero


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