Home News One visitor dead after machete attack in Chacahua

One visitor dead after machete attack in Chacahua

One visitor dead after machete attack in Chacahua
Benjamín Gamond died in hospital on Monday after Friday's attack.

An Argentine visitor died in hospital on Monday after he was attacked by a man with a machete in Chacahua last Friday.

Benjamín Gamond, 23, was visiting Lagunas de Chacahua, located 70 kilometers west of Puerto Escondido, with friends Santiago Lastra, 22, and Macarena González, 29, on Friday afternoon.

Witness accounts differ about what took place. Some claim that the trio had a disagreement with Cruz Irving, 21, triggering his brutal attack. Others said the tourists were suddenly attacked from behind by the young man, originally from Guerrero, who wielded a machete. Of the three, Gamond sustained the most severe injures, including three machete blows to the head, and he lost copious amounts of blood in the moments after the assault.

The three injured tourists were ferried by boat from the town of La Isla to El Zapotalito, where two ambulances then transported them to a hospital in Puerto Escondido.

At the scene of the attack, Cruz Irving had to be rescued by Villa de Tututepec municipal police officers from a mob that had apprehended and started to beat him, threatening to lynch him. Due to the severity of his injuries, the attacker was also taken to hospital, under police custody.

The scene of the attack on three Argentine tourists in Chacahua.
The scene of the attack on three Argentine tourists in Chacahua.

The injuries that Gamond suffered included severe head trauma and hypovolemic shock, which coupled with the significant amount of lost blood meant he barely survived the trip to Puerto. After a lengthy surgery, he remained in a coma.

González sustained a cut on her back and suffered injuries to both arms, while Lastra’s arms were broken during the assault.

Doctors transferred Gamond to a hospital in Mexico City but on Monday evening it was reported that he had passed away. Family members, who traveled from Argentina following the attack, started a fundraising drive to help cover the medical bills, which included a US $1,500-dollar surgery and hospitalization costs amounting to 3,500 pesos (US $200) per day.

On Monday the man identified as the attacker was placed in preventive custody pending a hearing on Wednesday on charges of injury and attempted murder. Given the day’s developments, the state Attorney General’s Office will request the judge in charge of the case to reclassify the charges as homicide.

Gamond was a native of Córdoba, Argentina, where he played for the Tala Rugby Club.

Coach Fernando Lastra said Gamond and Lastra had “earned the respect, admiration and above all the affection of their peers and coaches.”

Gamond’s Instagram account is a testament to his passion for travel and skateboarding. There, he recorded his travels around Mexico, a trip in which he combined leisure and work.

With reports by Milenio, NVI Noticias, RIOaxaca, NSS Oaxaca, El Universal


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