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New government plans Oaxaca tourism rebranding

New government plans Oaxaca tourism rebranding
Oaxaca's new tourism logo.

The government of Oaxaca announced on Thursday it will soon launch a rebranding of Oaxaca tourism.

The announcement was made by government officials during the current administration’s weekly show Jueves de Gozona, broadcast by the state-run CORTV media corporation from Huatulco.

Gozona, Governor Jara explained last week, is a Sierra Norte Zapotec term that means “reciprocal exchange of knowledge, cultural wealth, gastronomy, customs and traditions.” 

State Tourism Minister Saymi Pineda announced the administration’s new strategy to reactivate the tourism industry.

The rebranding, she said, will entail promoting the cultural and scenic wealth of the state, and its 570 municipalities.

Pineda stated that the official rebranding will be presented in January at the International Tourism Fair Fitur 2023, and later in March at the Tianguis Turístico at the national level, with the objective of attracting a greater number of visitors.

During the broadcast, the minister also explained that the rebranding will be part of a broader set of actions and policies designed to ensure that tourism development and economic reactivation in Oaxaca are constant, benefiting its people and generating well-being.

The second Jueves de Gozona episode, broadcast on Dec. 15, also showcased local cuisine, as well as dance and music representative of the Coast region.

During the first episode, Governor Jara explained that the show will be a tool for communication, accountability and open dialogue with the people of Oaxaca in the eight regions of the state.

The show, he continued, will be “itinerant” like his government, meaning that every Thursday it will visit towns in the eight regions, showcasing every week the different gastronomic, cultural and social diversity that distinguish Oaxaca and its people from the rest of the world.

The first Jueves de Gozona starred food, dance and music from Villa de Zaachila, the participation of the Chinas Oaxaqueñas and music by Feliciano Marín.

Jueves de Gozona is broadcast through CORTV’s Canal 9, and streamed on its YouTube Channel. Episodes One and Two are also archived and available there.

With reports from Agencia Oaxaca MX


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