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Long weekend brings 9,500 visitors

Long weekend brings 9,500 visitors
The long weekend brought another influx of visitors to Puerto Escondido.

Día del Niño celebrations coincided this past weekend with the third puente, or long weekend, of the year, propelling revenue for restaurants, hotels and tourist service providers.

Children’s Day, is celebrated every year on April 30, followed by the official Labor Day holiday on May 1, giving landlocked Mexicans an opportunity to hit the beach for a few days.

The state Tourism Ministry reported that it was mostly local and national tourists who have traveled to Oaxaca’s three main vacation destinations: Puerto Escondido, Huatulco and the state capital.

Statewide, the estimated revenue amounted to 163 million pesos (US $9.09 million) with an average hotel occupancy of 63%.

Puerto Escondido was the chosen puente destination for an estimated 9,500 people, who occupied just over 50% of all available hotel accommodations and spent 23.4 million pesos (US $1.3 million).

Huatulco welcomed an estimated 16,349 people, reporting occupancy rates of 75% and 81.3 million pesos in revenue.

The greater Oaxaca city area was visited by 20,000 people, with a reported occupancy of 60% and 58.4 million pesos in revenue.

While restaurant figures are not estimated or reported in the same manner, unofficial accounts showed that venues located in the three main destinations registered a large influx families over the weekend, as central plazas and municipal facilities offered a wide array of celebratory events dedicated to children, most of these free of charge.

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