Home News Great Christmas ride attracts 100 cyclists

Great Christmas ride attracts 100 cyclists

Great Christmas ride attracts 100 cyclists
Local cyclists went for a ride to celebrate Christmas.

The Master Bike biking club was back on the streets of Puerto Escondido this week, this time spreading holiday cheer.

Led by Tello Sánchez López, the club organized a Gran Rodada Navideña, or great Christmas ride.

Anyone older than 10 years old could join free of charge, with the condition that participants decorate their bicycles with a Christmas theme and, in turn, wear clothing or motifs alluding to the holidays.

Sánchez remarked that those who joined were also given the option to donate a toy, which his club will then donate in nearby towns during one of their upcoming rides. 

The meeting point was the Agencia Municipal at 5 p.m. on Dec. 17, from which riders went through the main streets of downtown Puerto Escondido before riding to the Rinconada and circling back to the starting point.

Riders at the Agencia Municipal on Dec. 17.
Riders at the Agencia Municipal on Dec. 17.

Sánchez, a bike enthusiast, mountain bike shop owner and adventure tour guide, deemed the Gran Rodada Navideña a success, as he estimated that more than 100 cyclists participated, a number higher than he expected.

Master Bike is a non-profit association of cyclists, dedicated throughout the year to training and participating in different local, national and international events.

The involvement of Master Bike in celebrations around Puerto Escondido has not gone unnoticed, as earlier this year he organized a similar event, a Rodada del Terror themed around the spooky Halloween and Día de Muertos festivities, to great success.

With reports from El Imparcial


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