Home News Government warned of illegal occupation of land at Punta Colorada

Government warned of illegal occupation of land at Punta Colorada

Government warned of illegal occupation of land at Punta Colorada
Body boarders at Punta Colorada.

Publicly-owned land at Punta Colorada is being taken over by illegal structures and ownership titles, according to a legal advisor of the state government.

Geovany Vásquez Sagrero told the newspaper Noticias that two years ago, a state boundaries commission inspected the 111 hectares of Punta Colorada and determined its coordinates with the aid of a global navigation satellite system.

The commission observed that “there are invasions in many parts . . . that both in the eastern and western [sections of Punta Colorada] the urban sprawl has penetrated this property owned by the state government, without any legal action being taken by the state to defend it,” said the legal advisor.

The boundaries commission has reported that sections of Punta Colorada have been fenced in an attempt by individuals to seize the land, said Vázquez.

Located across the highway from the Puerto Escondido airport, the land has been under the control of the state government since its expropriation in 1970, along with much of the land on which Puerto sits, “for public utility, in order to promote investment in tourism and services,” explained Vázquez.

He added that Governor Salomón Jara has requested that the boundaries commission and the federal Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry (SICT) address the issue and “promote and boost investment in the 111 hectares.”

A proposal to build a marina at Punta Colorada was withdrawn 10 years ago after strong opposition from surfers and others. The plan was intended to move the fishboats from Playa Principal and was seen by many fishermen as a good move.

Surfers, notably body boarders, warned that construction of a marina facility and the accompanying dredging of a lagoon would destroy the beach’s unique wave.

With reports by NVI Noticias


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