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Fix the infrastructure, hotel association urges

Fix the infrastructure, hotel association urges
Hotel association chairwoman Rodríguez.

Hotel owners are the latest to weigh in with concerns over the lack of public infrastructure in Puerto Escondido and the coastal region.

In an interview with the newspaper Noticias, the head of the state chapter of the National Association of Hotels and Motels reckoned that the entire region “is not prepared to receive tourism in a massive way.” 

“I know it first hand: suddenly there isn’t enough water during the high season, and when I say it’s not enough, I mean that you cannot even get it through tanker trucks,” said Gualberta Rodríguez.

“Power transformers collapse. There are so many people that the internet collapses,” she continued, stressing that these issues must be addressed “immediately.”

Work is also needed so that beaches are safe for recreational use, added the business leader.

Her concerns are not at odds with progress, Rodríguez pointed out, as improved connectivity will trigger a boom in the economies not only of Puerto Escondido, but also Huatulco, Pochutla and Oaxaca city. 

“The three levels of government should be taking actions to prevent services and the environment from collapsing,” she said.

Failing to do so, she warned, could bring problems when the new highway opens.

“After years of waiting for the super-highway, let’s not spoil it, let’s not be a destination for a few years and suddenly we don’t know what to do because things get complicated,” Rodríguez added.

If Puerto is to be an incredible destination forever, she continued, it has to be sustainable, “and one can say that it is not so.”

Rodríguez called on both government and private interests to work together in the preparation of the region to receive tourists, control prices and ensure that the infrastructure is ready to maintain the attraction of the destinations on an ongoing basis.

Despite her concerns, Rodríguez is optimistic and confident that the authorities are taking the necessary measures to address the challenges.

With reports by NVI Noticias


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