Home News Despite funding doubts, Fiestas de Noviembre expected to go ahead

Despite funding doubts, Fiestas de Noviembre expected to go ahead

Despite funding doubts, Fiestas de Noviembre expected to go ahead
Led by the mayors of San Pedro Mixtepec and Santa María Colotepec, protesters call for state funds for the Fiestas.

The status of the annual celebration known as the Fiestas de Noviembre has been in doubt for over a month as the state has shown a reluctance to participate as a source of funding.

But on Tuesday, San Pedro Mixtepec Mayor Javier Cruz Jiménez announced some of the activities that will be part of the traditional Puerto Escondido event, signaling that it will go ahead regardless of state support.

Joined by municipal tourism director Marta Reyes Carmona, the mayor said his office was still waiting for Oaxaca Governor Alejandro Murat’s response, since he has not yet given official confirmation of state funding.

Reyes stated that even without confirmation of the state’s support, events like the inaugural concert, motocross, open water swimming and surf tournaments and the coastal dance festival, among others, will take place.

In a rare show of solidarity in late September, the mayor of San Pedro teamed up with his counterpart in Santa María Colotepec, Carmelo Cruz Mendoza, to stage a joint protest by occupying the state tourism offices in Puerto Escondido.

The municipalities of Santa María Colotepec and San Pedro Mixtepec have a storied relationship, known more for their disagreements over the administration of the city of Puerto Escondido, which sits astride the border between the two municipalities.

Political wills appear to have shifted, promising what could well be a brighter future for the resort town when both mayors joined forces for the first time in recent memory, presenting a series of demands to the state government.

The two mayors led a protest in which the state tourism offices were occupied for several hours on September 29. The building was “released” once Murat pledged to meet them at a future date.

The mayors share not only a last name, but also their interest in garnering as much support as they can for the November festivities, an important driver of tourism revenue in their municipalities.

Both also expressed their concern regarding the condition of the roads that connect Puerto Escondido with the rest of the region and the state, describing them as having been “destroyed” due to the ineffectiveness of the state authority in charge of maintaining them.

With reports from Estado Actual and El Imparcial


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