Home News Chefs plan gastronomic festival at Agua Blanca April 1

Chefs plan gastronomic festival at Agua Blanca April 1

Chefs plan gastronomic festival at Agua Blanca April 1

The members of the recently created chefs collective of Puerto Escondido have announced a gastronomic festival will be held at nearby Agua Blanca in April.

The Puerto Gastronómico, Edición Fuego, will put ingredients obtained from the sea and cooking techniques typical of the Coast region of Oaxaca at the forefront. The nine chefs that will participate aim to surprise diners throughout the duration of the gastronomic event.

It will take place on Saturday, April 1, at the restaurant Mestiza by Shavana, beginning at 4:00 p.m.

Quetzalcóatl Zurita, chairman of the Puerto Escondido chapter of the national restaurant association Canirac, said the event “seeks to promote local producers and culinary and beach experiences, as well as strengthening the economy” of Agua Blanca and the Puerto Escondido region.

The festival, billed as “all you can eat,” will be hosted by chefs Esaú Rendón from Mestiza, Gerson Madrid from Metxcalli, Saúl Carranza from Agua Salá, and Zurita, who is also co-chef at Almoraduz.

They will be joined in the kitchen by guest chefs Alejandro Ruiz from Casa Oaxaca, Juantxo Sánchez from Mundo Imperial, Juan Emilio Villaseñor from La Cocinoteca, Andrea Sánchez from El Tendajón and Sergio Camacho from Sergio Camacho Catering.

The knowledge and technique of the nine chefs will merge, bringing the flavor and ingredients of their kitchens to Puerto Escondido, organizers say.

Some of the dishes that will be served are shrimp aguachile sope, grilled and raw oysters, pork tortita, marinated rib eye with smoked salad, wood-fired surf-and-turf noodles with smoked pork jowls and fish Yakitori.

The evening will be enlivened with live musical performances by Chucho Espina and Juan Caracol.

The meal will cost 1,200 pesos (US $64) per person, and reservations are already open at 954 202 9259 and in person at the participating restaurants: Terraza Molli, Agua Salá, Metxcalli, Almoraduz, Casa Oaxaca and El Tendajón.

Created in February, the Collective of Chefs of Puerto Escondido has the goal of boosting gastronomic tourism in the greater Puerto area, capitalizing on the growing number of restaurants offering a world-class dining experience.

With reports by RIOaxaca


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