Home News International bodyboard tournament to be held at Playa Colorada

International bodyboard tournament to be held at Playa Colorada

International bodyboard tournament to be held at Playa Colorada

More than 140 surfers from around the world are expected to be part of the Bodyboard Colorada Pro 2023 tournament, to be held at Playa Colorada in Puerto Escondido.

Bodyboarders will compete for 310,000 pesos (US $18,250) in prize money at the August 18-20 event.

The results will count in the surfers’ placement on the Association of Bodyboard Professionals 2023 World Tour.

Among those who have confirmed their participation are Andre Botha and Jeff Hubbard. The latter is a three-time IBA and Hawaii World Cup champion. His brother, Dave Hubbard, five-time winner of the IBA Pipeline, will also join the match, as well as Jacob Romero, Tristan Ray, Matías Díaz and Gilbert Sierra.

Also hailing from Hawaii are the champions of the Colorada Pro 2022 in women’s categories, Ayaka Suzuki Crilley and Mack Crilley.

The national champion in the junior category in the women’s open, Tanae Navarrete, and the national and Colorada winner in the pro and amateur categories, Amurabi Silva, will also join the fray.

The more than 140 participants who have already been confirmed for the event come from Hawaii, the continental United States, Panama, Chile, Peru, Aruba and Puerto Rico.

The Colorada Pro tournament delivers 120,000 pesos to the first places in the open pro category, and 20,000 pesos in DK and women’s. Second places will get 50,000 in pro; DK and women, 15,000; third place winners will get a prize of 30,000 pesos in open pro and 10,000 in DK and women’s. Fourth places will get 10,000 pesos in open pro and 5,000 in DK and women.

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