About El Sol de Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido Sun
The first issue of the Puerto Escondido Sun, published in November 1997.

El Sol de Puerto was launched in 2022 by a semi-retired newspaper publisher with some history of publishing in Puerto Escondido.

The digital-only publication is a reincarnation of El Sol de la Costa, which began life in 1997 as the Puerto Escondido Sun, but soon after morphed into a bilingual El Sol under the management of British journalist Warren Sharpe.
El Sol de la Costa became the go-to source for information of all kinds about Puerto Escondido and the coastal region.

As former editorial assistant Barbara Schaffer wrote several years ago in Viva Puerto, the newspaper/magazine “defined the Puerto experience for a wide swath of the tourist and expat community.”

She also remarked that the publication was as idiosyncratic as its publisher, occasionally missing a month or two, or announcing events in the calendar that had since taken place.

Thirteen years on, Warren sold El Sol to Tony Richards, a Canadian newspaper publisher who had recently relocated to Puerto. He kept it going for three years but was unable to make a go of it financially and shut it down in 2014.

Richards turned around and started the digital-only Mexico News Daily, a curation of Mexico news in English that quickly became popular with expats and others with an interest in current affairs in Mexico.

He sold MND in the fall of 2022 and began publishing El Sol de Puerto, rejecting the previous name of El Sol de la Costa to avoid confusion with another paper of the same name that is published in Huatulco.

El Sol de Puerto uses the same model that was successful for Mexico News Daily: curating stories from other publications and rewriting them in English and Spanish, while steadily adding more original content by local writers.

The newspaper has a staff of two: Richards, who is editor and publisher, and writer César Hernández. Third member of the team is freelance writer Sarah Kaminksi.

El Sol de la Costa Puerto Escondido
El Sol de la Costa, May-June 1998.

El Sol de Puerto is published in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Tony Richards

Editor & Publisher

César Hernández

Writer & Curator

Sarah Kaminksi