8 injured after 11-vehicle pile-up at Regadío bridge

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A multiple vehicle pile-up left eight people injured on the coast highway in Puerto Escondido Friday evening.

Witnesses said the driver of a dump truck lost control at the Regadío bridge near the entrance to the Adoquín, apparently due to brake failure, crossed into the opposite lane and caused a pile-up of up to 11 vehicles.

Two of the vehicles involved were motorcycles, and one of these drivers was flung off the bridge into the river below. Paramedics retrieved the biker, who had suffered major injuries but was transported alive to hospital.

There were no fatalities in the accident on the Regadío bridge
There were no fatalities in the accident on the Regadío bridge but several people were injured.

Another motorcycle rider was rescued from beneath the dump truck. Witnesses stated that her life was spared because she was wearing a helmet.

The rescue and transportation of the victims was led by a team of paramedics from the local Red Cross and the municipal Civil Protection offices from San Pedro Mixtepec and Santa María Colotepec.

Reports differ regarding the whereabouts of the dump truck driver, as some claimed he fled the scene while others said he was among the injured.

With reports by Milenio, Estado Actual, ADN Sureste, Top Car News

This post is also available in: Español


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