Home News 200 athletes participate in Puerto Escondido triathlon

200 athletes participate in Puerto Escondido triathlon

200 athletes participate in Puerto Escondido triathlon
The awards ceremony at Sunday's triathlon.

The call was “Swim, Run, Pedal” at Coral Beach early Sunday morning, scene of the 2022 UABJO Triathlon organized by the sports education department at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University.

More than 200 athletes from different parts of the country and abroad joined the 7 a.m. race, divided into different age categories for women and men.

“It is an endurance sport for which intense physical and mental preparation is required,” said department director Luis Abel Solano Santiago, who participated in the race.

The event consisted of more than 180 minutes of athletic performances in three disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. The most spectacular that morning was also the one that kicked off the competition, swimming in the open sea, with the intense waves that are a characteristic of Playa Coral and Puerto Escondido.

The open water swimming event at Sunday's triathlon.
The open water swimming event at Sunday’s triathlon.

“The best way to promote sports is by practicing it. Physical activity is essential to have good quality of life. These types of events show that our university is doing things well and we can achieve what we set out to do”, said director Cristian Eder Carreño López, also a participant in the event.

The awards ceremony was headed by university authorities and joined by San Pedro Mixtepec Mayor Javier Cruz Jiménez, who thanked the organizers for choosing the beaches of Puerto Escondido for the triathlon, an event that contributes to the destination’s tourist promotion he said.

Sunday’s was the seventh edition of the UABJO Triathlon, resuming a tradition suspended since 2020 due to pandemic restrictions.

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